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Tale Spin

with Binoculars, Book, Grey Pouch, and Pack

Kit Cloudkicker
with Map, Surfer, Spool, and Pack

Becky Cunningham
with Cash Register, Megaphone, Black Hat, and Treasure

Molly Cunningham
with Wagon, Spatula, Helmet, and Ice Cream Cone

with Ukulele, Crab, and Snake

The Sea Duck

Don Karnage
with Sword, Dagger, Candleabra, and Belt

Colonel Spigot
with Whip, Treasure Chest, Idol, and Blow Gun

Dump truck
with Dagger, Chalice, Pipe, and Belt

Don Karnage's Tri-Wing Terror

Back of Card

Unproduced Figures

Mad Dog
These toys were made by Playmates in 1991. They tied into the Tale Spin cartoon which was part of the Disney Afternoon.

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